How to get Bitcoins.

How to get Bitcoins.

There are many people nowadays who feel quite enthusiastic about Bitcoin virtual currency which can be a good way to make money. The idea is the same as with any other assets – to buy cheap and to sell expensive when Bitcoin exchange rate goes high. Analysts make good forecasts for the future and such investments are rather promising. Yet buying coins at the exchange is not the only way to own them. So let’s consider some other options.


How do new Bitcoins come into circulation? It is possible to produce them via mining. To do so, one has to solve quite a difficult task with the help of computing. As a result, a new block pops out in a blockchain. Those who succeed, get some cryptocurrency as a reward. How much? It depends. It equals 25 now and drops every 4 years. At the dawn of the crypto-history, one could acquire Bitcoins utilizing even a desktop to solve these puzzles. Yet, it becomes more and more complicated and miners use special hardware for that, like Bitcoin ASIC or GPUs.

How to get bitcoin

You may earn Bitcoins selling goods or providing services either online or in an ordinary shop. For this, you need to add this option to payment methods. To process such payments, you will need special merchant tools.


Reward for your work

You may get paid for some assignments or job in Bitcoins from some resources which apply this method, for example, for freelance or part-time job. Jobs4Bitcoins, BitGigs, BitcoinGet are famous portals where you find some work and receive this digital currency after completing the tasks.


 Interest Payment

You may get some extra Bitcoins if you lend them. There are several options to do so:

  • Direct lending – to someone you know already;
  • Via a website which schedules a peer to peer meeting for those who borrow and who lend;
  • To special websites which deal with that at a certain deposit rate.

Beware that like any investment, it conveys possible risks and failures. So please consider the reputation of the site, analysts’ reviews, etc.



This is obviously not the best way to acquire money but it is still worth mentioning in our review. Bitcoin players may win some digital money in casinos, bets, lotteries which accept this way of payment as well.


In conclusion

The digital currency world is constantly developing and nowadays you may get some Bitcoins even in the arbitrage. However, there are some issues which are not regulated properly or are not clear yet. Due to such a state of things, many people are still hesitating to join the team of crypto-currency supporters. It is only wise to think properly before taking any decision concerning your money.

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